ADOPTED:              April 18, 2007    


Updated:       June 3, 2008

                        November 12, 2008

                        April 8, 2009

                        April 14, 2010

                        September 28, 2010

                        November 17, 2010






Article 1            NAME:

                        The name of this organization shall be the Great Northern Conference

and a member of the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association.


Article 2            PURPOSE:

                        The purpose of this organization shall be to promote interscholastic competition, co-curricular activities, and curricular collaboration among the schools associated in this conference.  There shall be opportunities for participation in such interscholastic activities as co-curricular activities and curricular collaboration.


Article 3            MEMBERSHIP:

                        Section 1 Charter Members of the Great Northern Conference:  

Antigo, Lakeland, Medford, Mosinee, Northland Pines, Rhinelander and Tomahawk High Schools.

                        Section 2 Admission: 

a)     Schools applying for membership must be in good standing with the  

      WIAA, WHSFA, and WSMA.  

b)    Applications will be subject to current WIAA policy relevant to 


c)     A school wishing to become a full or sport specific member of this conference must make application in writing to the President.  This application must be copied by the President and sent to each member schools. The member schools vote on application at a regular or special meeting with two- thirds of the schools voting in favor of the application required for admission.

d)    The Conference will have no more than eight schools for each of the Conference sports. Charter members of the conference shall have priority over non-charter members if they were to add a specific sport.

Section 3 Cooperative Teams:

a)     Member schools wishing to have a cooperative team with another school must follow the procedures, rules and timelines of the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association.

b)    Principals will evaluate coop programs and report to the Superintendents on progress of programs no later than one month before coop is to be considered by the conference.


Article 4            DUES:

                        Section 1:             The dues for the following year shall be set annually by

                                                December 1st. (Currently $2000 per school or $150 per sport)

                        Section 2:             Special assessments may be made by a majority vote at any

                                    regular or special meeting.

                        Section 3:             Dues shall be paid annually by Nov. 1st of that year.


Article 5       OFFICERS:             

Section 1:             The officers of the conference shall be President, Vice

President, and Secretary/ Treasurer.  Principals will be officers.

Section 2:             The President and Vice President shall follow in alphabetical order of schools.  The Secretary/Treasurer shall be the Conference Commissioner. The President shall have been a member of the conference for one year or the next in the order will move up.


Section 3:             The officers shall be appointed at the final meeting in the

spring, their terms to commence July 1.  Replacement of officers to fill unexpired terms shall be determined by election at the first regular or special meeting after vacancy arises.

Section 4:             The commissioner shall serve as an ex-officio member.

The commissioner’s job description is set forth as in conference by-laws.  The commissioner shall be selected by majority vote of member schools.  The commissioner shall have an annual performance evaluation, as well as an annual salary review.

                Section 5:            OFFICER DUTIES

a)     The President shall preside at all principal meetings and shall act as general supervisor over the conference.  The agenda of conference principals meetings shall be structured by the President, after consulting with the Conference Commissioner.  The agenda shall be sent to members prior to the meeting.

b)    The Vice President shall preside and act in the absence of the President. 

c)     The Secretary/Treasurer shall keep minutes of meetings and an accurate record of all money belonging to the conference, and pay out money for conference expenses.  He/she shall submit a record of expenditures at the regular meetings.

Section 6:             An Executive Board shall consist of all conference school principals or their appointed representative.  The executive board shall enforce the rules and settle all disputes that may arise.  The rules of the WIAA, WHSFA, and WSMA shall govern in all cases except as the conference shall adopt additional or more stringent rules and recommend annual dues.


Article 6        VOTING:

                        Each school will be represented by the principal or designee.  Each school shall have one vote on all questions.  A majority vote of those schools present is needed to pass all matters of Conference business unless otherwise provided for in this Constitution.  Sport-specific members will have one vote on questions pertaining to that sport.



Article 7            MEETINGS:

                           Section 1:            Combined meetings of superintendents and principals can be held

if requested by either group.  The agenda for combined meetings will be prepared by the conference President and a representative of the Superintendents.                                                                                  


Section 2:             Principal’s meetings will be held regularly.  Date, time and site will be scheduled in the prior year.  Three meetings are determined in the bylaws to follow athletic director meetings the next week after the fall coaches meeting, the winter coaches meeting and the September athletic directors meeting.  Approval of athletic director recommendations to occur at that time for by-law and current practice items for the Great Northern Conference.

Section 3:             Special meetings may be called upon the order of the President or

the petition of one-third of the member schools.  However, not more than one special meeting may be called between regular meetings except upon petition of all member schools.

                 Section 4:             All meetings shall be conducted according to Roberts Rules of


Section 5:             Representatives of five of seven schools shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.



Article 8            AMENDMENTS
                         Section 1:
            This constitution may be amended by a two-thirds vote of all

member schools at any meeting.  However, the Secretary shall send each member school a copy of the proposed amendment ten days before the meeting.

                        Section 2:             Rules and By Laws may be adopted or amended at any meeting by

a majority vote of those schools present.  These should be sent out prior to the meeting.  Two-thirds vote would be required if no prior notice occurs.


Article 9             RULES OF COMPETITION

                            WIAA rules and regulations will govern interscholastic competition.


                                                               GREAT NORTHERN CONFERENCE





100            COMMON BY-LAWS                                     Appendix

200            SPORTS ACTIVITIES                                 1            Conference Commissioners job description

300            ADMISSIONS                                               2            Nomination for All-Conference

400            CHAMPIONSHIPS                                      3.            Team Draws

500            OFFICIALS & FEES                                    4.            Host Schools for Conference event

600            SCHEDULES                                               5.            Recognized Media           

700            ALL CONFERENCE & AWARDS

800            MEETINGS           

900            FOOTBALL                                               

1000            CROSS COUNTRY

1050            GIRLS SWIMMING                                   

1100            GOLF                                   

1150            SOCCER                                               

1200            VOLLEYBALL

1250            TENNIS

1300            BASKETBALL

1350            GYMNASTICS

1400            WRESTLING

1450            HOCKEY

1500            TRACK

1600            BASEBALL/ SOFTBALL

1700            MUSIC

1800            SPEECH

1900            STUDENT COUNCIL

2000            SCHOLAR - ATHLETE AWARD







  1. Each school will maintain its own rules regarding eligibility, however, W.I.A.A. rules must be followed as minimum requirements.
  2. The Conference will be responsible for determining Conference-offered awards.  Members shall not substitute/modify Conference Awards, nor will members present awards in the name of the Great Northern Conference that have not been approved by the Conference.
  3. In conjunction with W.I.A.A. Article VII, Section 3, regarding flagrant or unsportsmanlike conduct for student athletes, the GNC has approved the following GNC by-law:  A STUDENT ATHLETE, or COACH disqualified from a contest for flagrant or unsportsmanlike conduct, is suspended from interscholastic competition for no less than the next competitive event (but not less than one complete game or meet).
  4. Secretary/Treasurer shall invoice each school for Conference dues no later than September.
  5. Each school is entitled to as many representatives at any meeting as they desire to send, but each school is entitled to only one vote.  Member schools are to designate the representative who shall do their voting.
  6. The necessary operational expenses of the officers may be submitted for payment from the Conference funds.
  7. All Conference schools must be members of the W.I.A.A.
  8. Visiting coaches are required to provide locker room supervision for their team before and after the event.
  9. At the varsity level, no varsity coach may officiate a Great Northern Conference contest for any member school, in a sport, which they coach, unless deemed necessary by the Conference Commissioner.  This implies it would be permissible of officiate non-conference varsity contests for member schools.
  10. Statistics for each Conference event are to be sent to the Conference statistician by the host school.
  11. Conference teams shall not share videotapes, verbal, or written scouting reports of conference teams to a non-conference team.






1.            The conference will recognize the following sports for athletic competition:

            fall -                         boys cross country, girls cross country, football, volleyball,

                                                          boys soccer, girls swimming, girls tennis

            winter             boys basketball, girls basketball, boys hockey, wrestling, gymnastics

            spring -              baseball, softball, boys golf, boys track, girls track, girls soccer, boys tennis


2.            In order for a conference to approve a sport/activity for participation, at least five member                          schools must compete in that sport/activity.  The conference may add schools to fill an                                advantageous schedule.  This will be done on a yearly basis  and dues will be determined                            appropriately. 


3.            Member schools shall exchange rosters in football, basketball, soccer, wrestling, and volleyball to the schools athletic directors prior to first scheduled contest in each sport.  This should include freshman, JV, and varsity.  Name, height, weight (when applicable), position, year, coaches, cheerleaders, administration should be included.


4.            If school is cancelled for the entire day or a portion of the day, conducting events scheduled for that evening will be determined by mutual agreement of the schools involved.







1.            The league secretary will be responsible for arranging for the printing and distribution of                               passes.   Each school will be sent fifty Conference passes prior to August 31st. 


2.            Local complimentary passes will be honored only at home facilities.


3.            Cheerleaders/Dance Teams in uniform will be admitted free.


4.            Admission prices at the door or gate: 

                        WIAA Regional rates will be used. (Currently $4 for students and adults)


5.            Conference courtesy passes shall be distributed at the discretion of each athletic director.  Conference courtesy passes will admit one person plus a guest. 


6.            Life time passes will be distributed with the following criteria:


·      The Lifetime/Gold Pass will be applicable to the GNC member High Schools and Middle School/ Junior High School members.

·      Nominations will be provided by the GNC member high school’s Principal or Athletic Director to the GNC Commissioner by May 1st of that school year and placed on the GNC May meeting agenda prior to the meeting.

·      Final GNC approval will be given at the May high school Principal’s/Athletic Director’s meeting.

·      Member schools will be allowed to submit the names of people that would be eligible with 10 or more years of service to their member school, with years of service prior to joining the GNC counting towards their years of service.


Educational Criteria:


·      Nominees for the lifetime/Gold Pass will become eligible once they completely retire from teaching and coaching.

·      Varsity Head Coaches must have a minimum of 10 years head coaching experience in the GNC.

·      Administrators, Commissioners and Athletic Directors must have a minimum of 10 years experience in the GNC.

·      Assistant Coaches (including all Jr. High/Middle School Coaches) must have a minimum of 15 years coaching experience in the GNC.

·      With any combination of these positions listed above (Varsity Head Coach, Administrator, Commissioner, Athletic Director and Assistant Coach) a nominee can become eligible for the Lifetime/Gold Pass with a total of 15 years (not seasons) minimum experience in the GNC.


Community Service:


·      Non-teacher coaches will become eligible once they become 55 years old and retired from coaching.

·      Varsity Head Coaches must have a minimum of 10 years head coaching experience in the GNC.

·      Assistant Coaches (including all Jr. High/Middle School Coaches) must have a minimum of 15 years coaching experience in the GNC.

·      Any other nominations for community service must have had a direct benefit to the entire GNC for a minimum of 15 years


(Bearer and Guest and/or Admit Two)







1.            Conference championships will be awarded in all conference sponsored sports.


2.            Methods of determining final rankings shall be:

                              a.      Football, basketball, baseball, hockey, softball, soccer, and volleyball will be decided by percentage system.

                              b.            Cross country, track and swimming will be decided by a conference meet.

Wrestling will receive two points for each win in conference dual competition, one                                            point for dual meet ties, and 12 points for finishing first, 10 points for finishing                                                  second, 8 points for finishing third, 6 points for finishing fourth, 4 points for finishing                                        fifth, and 2 points for finishing sixth at the conference tournament.  Total points will                                        determine the conference champion.
                              d.     Golf will be determined by the total team strokes on the three (3) 18-hole                                                            conference matches.


3.            No ties will be broken for conference championships. 







1.            The officials for Conference varsity football, soccer, volleyball, basketball, hockey, wrestling, and track will be hired by the commissioner.  The rate for officials for contests will be recommended by the Conference Athletic Directors.


2.            All junior varsity, and freshman officials will be hired locally and at a price mutually agreed upon by official and school.


3.            Names of officials hired by the commissioner will be forwarded to schools.  The schools will have responsibility of paying them, notifying them of a postponement and any time change of the contest for any reason.


4.            All officials must be registered with the W.I.A.A.  The current set conference rates are:   


            Varsity Officials pay :                                                (special notes)


            Football                         $60

            Cross Country            $60                        Two hired for the Conference meet.

            Basketball                    $60                        3 will be allowed to be paid at 2 rate                       

           Wrestling                        $60 duals        $180 Conference meet

            Volleyball                      $87 Varsity & JV            $140/$180 Conference Tournament                       

            Baseball                       $60/game                       

            Softball                         $60/game                       

            Track                            $100 Conference meet (3 to be hired)           

            Soccer                         $60 duals (3 officials)             2 may be used for tournaments

            Hockey                        $60/game

            Swimming                   $60, $100 for Conference meet (3 officials)

            Forensics                    (reference 1800 bylaws)            1 judge for every 5 students,

                                                    minimum of 2 judges per school


5.                     Mileage is established at .30 cents per mile and capped at a maximum of $65.This will be reviewed annually.







1.            The schedules and dates will be approved by the Conference athletic directors and principals.  The commissioner will establish the schedule for:


            a.            football - varsity, JV, Frosh   

            b.            cross country - conference meet    

            c.            volleyball - varsity, JV, Frosh

            d.            basketball - varsity, JV, Frosh

            e.            wrestling - varsity, JV and Conference meet  

            f.            baseball - varsity, JV                     

            g.            softball - varsity, JV                      
            h.            track – one indoor and one outdoor Conference meet    

            i.            golf - Conference meets
soccer – varsity, JV

hockey- varsity, JV

swimming - varsity


2.            Baseball and Softball reschedules will take place on the next open date for schools.


3.            A two-year schedule will be established with the schedule rotating from bottom to top every year with opposite sites each year. Redraw pairings after four years.  The redraw will occur two years in advance. 


4.            The Conference will reserve two (2) dates for winter and two (2) dates for spring music

            concerts.  No athletic activities will be scheduled on those dates.  Dates will be set into

            conference schedule.









1.            Nominations should be received by the Conference Commissioner by noon on Tuesday before the meeting.  On Thursday by 4:00 PM, a ballot will be sent to each head coach for their perusal.  Voting takes place on-line via email. Coaches in all voting situations cannot vote for their own athletes. First, second, and honorable mention teams will be selected.  Honorable mention must receive at least 2 points. Coaches should bold the names of the players they think are deserving of first team all conference and provide a brief description of each athlete if they wish to.


For Player of the Year, an athlete must be on 1st team.  Ties will not be broken.

            Ties for All Conference Teams will be broken with the following procedures:

1.     The number of 1st team votes

2.     Total number of coaches voting for each athlete

3.     Coaches revote only to break the tie.


2.            FOOTBALL:            Offense:  Linemen 5, tight end 1, wide receivers 2, quarterback 1, running backs 3, kicker 1   Defense:  interior linemen 4, defensive end / outside linebackers 2, linebackers 4,  defensive backs 3, and a punter.  Offensive and Defensive Player of the year.


3.            VOLLEYBALL:  7 players, which includes one libero on 1st team.  7 players, which includes one libero on second team.  Any player who receives 2 points will be honorable mention.  Player of the year.


4.            CROSS COUNTRY:            First place finisher at the Conference Meet will be male and female runner of the year award.  Runners 1-7 will be on 1st team, runners 8-14 will be on 2nd team.


5.            BASKETBALL:  5 first team, 5 second team, and Honorable Mention for the third five plus any                     player receiving a minimum of  two points.  Player of the year.


6.            WRESTLING:  The 14 champion wrestlers will be selected 1st team , 14 runners up will be 2nd team and the 3rd place winners are honorable mention.  Wrestler of the year.


7.            BASEBALL:    3 outfielders, 4 infielders, 1 catcher, 2 pitchers, 1 utility/ designated hitter.  Utility must have played 2 positions with 1 position at least 25% of the time.  Designated hitter had to be in that position 50% of the time.   The last two will be nominated at the meeting.  Player of the year.


8.            SOFTBALL:            Eliminate position titles for all conference. Top 12 first team, 13-24 second team.


8.            TRACK:  1st, 2nd, 3rd(honorable mention) place finishers at the conference meet.  Male and female field events person and a male and female runner of the year.


   9.            GOLF:             

·      The golf all-conference team will be determined by the total points for the seven meets.

·      The players with the 5 highest point totals will be first team all-conference. The next five highest point totals will be second team all-conference. The third group of five highest point totals will be awarded honorable mention.

·      If needed, playoffs for 1st, 5th,10th and 15th places will be held at the 7th meet and will follow WIAA procedures.

·      Points will be awarded for the top 10 individuals at each meet. 1st place = 10 points, 2nd place = 9 points, etc… 10th place = 1 point. In the event of a tie, all points will be split (e.g. individuals tying for 2nd and 3rd place would each receive 8.5 points)


  1.  SOCCER:  Eleven players and one must be a goalie.  Name an Offensive Player of the   Year and a Defensive Player of the Year. 


  1.  HOCKEY:  The all-conference hockey team shall consist of 1 goalie, 2 defensemen, and 3 forwards.  The six players receiving the most votes will be named to the first team.  The next six will receive second team recognition.  Player of the Year will be named.  Nominations will include four forwards, three defensemen and one goalie.


  1. SWIMMING:  1st, 2nd, 3rd(honorable mention) place finishers at the conference meet.  Swimmer of the year.


  1. TENNIS: 1st, 2nd, 3rd(honorable mention) place finishers at the conference meet.  Player of the year.


  1. MUSIC: All participants in the GNC Honors Music Concert will receive an All-Conference Certificate.



1.            A conference plaque will be presented to the conference champion (s) at the event or meeting.  The commissioner will deliver the award to the proper location or have a representative athletic director deliver it.


2.            Gold medals will be given for 1st team All Conference, silver for 2nd team All Conference and certificates for 3rd place in track and wrestling only.  These will be procured by the commissioner and conveniently distributed.


3.         Player of the year or the equivalent will receive a plaque.


4.            If nominated and voted upon by the coaches, the Coach of the Year will receive a plaque.

5.          Only Conference-approved awards will be distributed at Conference events.  Coaches are not                      permitted to make substitutions/changes to Conference awards.

Honorable Mention: Coaches can add ONE of their own players to the honorable mention team if                  they receive one vote. All honorable mention athletes will receive a certificate.

7.     Voting criteria for All Conference: Two points for each 1st Team vote, one vote for each 2nd Team            vote.

8.     All Conference ballots (1st and 2nd Team) must be completely filled out or that coach’s athletes will not be eligible for any Conference awards.








1.            A calendar of the Conference meetings for the following year will be approved at the May meetings of athletic directors and principals.


2.            The following will serve as guidelines:


            a.            Coaches will meet at the end of each conference season as listed in the by-laws and

                 will start at 7:00  PM.  Any coaches from designated sports may attend scheduled conference meetings, if authorized by their administration. One person will be sole spokesperson for the school. 


b.      Athletic directors will meet the 3rd Wednesday of August; the first Wednesday in October; the Wednesday after the fall coaches meeting (WIAA week 17); the Monday after the spring coaches meeting (WIAA week 28); the Monday after the winter coaches meeting (WIAA week 36); and the 1st Wednesday in May (WIAA week 44) at 10:00 AM.  Other meetings, if necessary, may be scheduled. 


c.     Principals will meet on Wednesday of the week following the Athletic Directors meeting.  The Athletic Director from the current Conference President’s school will attend the principal’s meeting at the end of the seasonal meetings.


                d.            Commissioner will attend these meetings.


e.     Athletic issues are the responsibility of the Athletic Directors and overall school issues the responsibility of the principals.


f.      The conference commissioner will present a schedule of athletic director meetings for the upcoming year to the incoming conference president of the principal’s organization in early May.

3.            The dates and times may be changed by the conference administrators in accordance with the                   constitution when necessary.  An athletic director will be in charge of each meeting for                                 coaches.

a.  Fall sports:  Cross Country; Football; Girls Golf; Boys Soccer; Volleyball; Swimming )

The Monday after Level 2 of the football playoffs.  All football, boys soccer, cross country and volleyball and swimming coaches will meet to select player and coach of the year and make  recommendations.

            b.  Winter sports:  (Boys & Girls Basketball; Wrestling; Hockey )

The second Monday following boys conference basketball season.  Basketball, wrestling and hockey coaches will select player and coach of the year and make other recommendations.

            c.  Spring sports:  (Baseball; Boys Golf; Girls Soccer; Softball; Boys & Girls Track )

Spring coaches will meet the 3rd Wednesday of September at 7:00 PM to select player and coach of the year and make recommendations.






1.            The home team shall wear dark jerseys.


2.            JV squads shall have no seniors or varsity regulars on their roster.  Exceptions must be agreed upon by both schools.


3.            Varsity football will be played on Friday evening.  The last conference game will be played on Thursday unless mutually agreed upon to play earlier that week.  Starting times will be at 7:00pm.  Saturday contests may be arranged by mutual agreement of the schools.


4.            Junior Varsity will play on Mondays.  JV opponent will be previous Friday’s varsity opponent.  Play the last team on the varsity schedule first for the JV schedule.  Games will start no earlier than 5:00 p.m., unless by mutual agreement.  Week 9 JV game will be played on Monday of Week 3.  The JV game will be played at the opposite site of the varsity schedule.


5.            The Frosh schedule will be a six-game schedule played on Thursday night preceding the varsity game.  All Frosh games will be played at the opposite site of the varsity schedule. Week 9 Frosh game will be played Thursday of Week 2.  Games will start no earlier than 5:00 p.m., unless by mutual agreement. 


6.            Game procedures for varsity are as follows:  when the game clock reads 0:00 min (at 6:55pm), the teams will be lined up at the goal line for the national anthem, followed by introductions, visiting team first.


7.            Knowledgeable adults should be on chains and down marker for varsity games.


8.            Conference Champion declaration Tiebreaker for WIAA playoff seeding

            a.            Two teams tied – break with head to head result

            b.    More than two teams tied – best W-L percentage vs teams involved.  If this reduces to two teams – break tie with head to head result.  If three or more teams remain tied – move to next tiebreaker.

            c.            First half points allowed per game average.  Conference games only.

Coin flip or Random Draw


9.            Opponents may tape each other.


10.           Playing time; freshman 10 minutes per quarter, JV 12 minutes per quarter, varsity 12 minutes per quarter.

11.           Video exchange: Film will be exchanged the game played two weeks prior to the scheduled game and mailed on the Monday after the game was taped.







1.            Conference varsity and JV meet will be held on the Saturday before WIAA qualifying meets.  The meet will start at 10:00 at site to be determined at the fall meeting a year in advance.


2.            Schools will establish their own schedules prior to conference meet.


3.            Eligible runners may participate at any level.


4.            Order of races will be JV, Varsity, Varsity, JV in line with the gender of the State Meet.


5.            The schools hosting the conference meet shall rotate alphabetically.  If a school passes on their turn, the next school alphabetically will be offered hosting.


6.            Hosting Rotation:

2009      Medford

2010      Mosinee

2011      Northland Pines

2012      Rhinelander

2013      Tomahawk

2014      Antigo

2015      Lakeland








  1. The conference season will consist of one round of dual meets and conclude with a conference meet.


  1. Starting time for all meets will be 5:30.


  1. Scoring

·      24 Individual (anywhere)

·      3 relays (2 only score)

·      12 place scoring: 16, 13,12,11,10,9,7,5,4,3,2,1

·      Diving will not be considered for team scoring but divers will be given individual awards in accordance with the Conference By-laws. However, if athletes choose to dive, it will count as one of their events.


  1. Each Athletic Director will be asked to pass on the swim information sheet from the previous conference meet to ensure we have consistency from year to year.


  1. Awards will follow conference bylaws for awards.  Swimmer of the year and Coach of the year voting will take place the Monday after the Conference meet via email.


  1. Hosting Rotation:
    • 2008 – Colby
    • 2009 – Ladysmith
    • 2010 – Lakeland
    • 2011 – Medford
    • 2012 – Rhinelander
    • 2013 – Tomahawk
    • 2014 – Wittenberg-Birnamwood








1.      The Conference season will consist of seven meets in which all schools will participate. Each school will host one meet.

2.     Meets will consist of 18 holes unless conditions exist that reduce the number of holes as determined by the games committee, not just the tournament manager.

3.     Shotgun start at 2:00.

4.     Teams will consist of five varsity golfers.  The official score for each competitor shall be kept in accordance with WIAA rules.

5.     Play will be governed by USGA and WIAA rules of golf and may be modified by local rules.

6.     Team Scoring:

·      Each team will count its four (4) best scores to determine the varsity team score.

·      Total points for all seven (7) 18-hole matches will determine the Conference Champion.

·      Team points will be awarded as follows: 1st place = 7 points, 2nd place = 6 points, etc…, 7th place = 1 point. In the event of a tie all points will be split (e.g. teams tying for 2nd and 3rd place would each receive 5.5 points).

·      Ties will not be broken.









1.            Varsity matches start at 5:00 p.m., during the last week of September, starting time will

               move to 4:30 p.m., and following the time change, matches will start at 4 p.m.  All spring

            matches will start at 5 p.m.


2.            Varsity and JV matches are at the same site and will be scheduled on Tuesdays and

            Thursdays unless by the mutual agreement of both schools.


3.         Must use 3 varsity officials and 2 JV officials (must follow W.I.A.A. minimums).


4.            Schedule will be a double round robin.


5.            Home team wears light jerseys and visiting team wears dark jerseys.


6.            Varsity matches will have two 40-minute halves with two 10 minute overtime periods with sudden victory or a tie.  JV matches will have two 40-minute halves with no overtime period, per WIAA regulations.






1.            Matches will be played on Tuesdays.


2.            Freshman, JV, varsity will play at the same site.


3.            Freshman and JV matches will begin at 5:30 p.m. There will be 20 minutes between matches, but the varsity match will not begin prior to 7 p.m.


4.            The conference will follow W.I.A.A. introduction procedures.


5.            Varsity will play 3 out of 5 games, rally scoring to 25, no cap, using let serve. If a 5th game is necessary, rally scoring to 15 will be used.


6.            The schedule will be a single round robin and two (2) varsity meets.


7.            Warm-up balls will be provided by host school.


8.            Each school will provide a competent adult as a line judge for the two Conference tournaments, if not an assistant coach from that school will serve as line judge.


9.            Freshman and JV matches will be 3 games to 25 points.  


10.       Rotation for hosting Conference meets (10:00 start):


            2010 – Mosinee, Northland Pines

            2011 – Rhinelander, Tomahawk

            2012 – Antigo, Lakeland

            2013 – Medford, Mosinee









  1. WIAA rules and regulations will govern regular season and tournament competition. Refer to the WIAA Season Regulations and Handbook.


  1. The tennis schedule will be a round robin (boys will be double round robin) with each member school meeting each other.  GNC regular season meet order will be: Doubles 3-2-1; Singles 4-3-2-1.


  1. “Add” scoring with 12 point tie breaker will be used in all conference meets.  NOTE: GNC preliminary matches will play an eight (8) game pro set with “add” scoring and tie breaker at eight (8) all.


  1. Matches will consist of 2 out of 3 sets with add scoring and a 12 point tie breaker played if a set reaches 6 all.  In case of inclement weather, and with agreement from opposing coaches a 10 game pro set will be played with a 12 point tie breaker if the score reaches 10-10 or in case of darkness, the third set may be replaced with a 12 point tie breaker.


  1. There will be a maximum 10 minute warm-up before each match.


  1. The Great Northern Conference Team Champion will be determined by a combination of points earned during regular season conference dual meets and the results of the tournament.
    • Teams are awarded two (2) points for each match won in conference dual meets.
    • Conference Tournament will be scored like a typical invitational tournament:

Champion = 6 pts, 2nd place = 4 pts, 3rd place = 3 pts, 4th place = 2 pts.

·      Conference Team Champion will be the team that has earned the highest combined point total of the season conference dual meets and their points earned in the conference tournament.


  1. The conference individual and doubles champions will be determined at the Great Northern Conference Tournament.

·      The conference singles and doubles champions will be determined at a conference tournament to be held on the Thursday, Friday or Saturday prior to the WIAA sub sectional meet, at a site mutually agreed upon by the athletic directors with hosting responsibilities alphabetically rotated yearly.

·      The Great Northern Conference meet will be held at Lakeland each year. The rotation for the host school will be:


·      The Conference Tournaments will begin at 9:00 AM for the girls and boys.

·      The conference tournament will consist of four (4) individual singles tournaments and three (3) doubles tournaments.  In the conference tournament individuals must play singles or doubles, not both.

·      The individuals will be seeded by using conference records only.

·      The host school for the GNC Conference Tournament must provide all balls for the meet.

·      No entry fee will be charged for this meet.


  1. The starting time for all scheduled regular season conference matches is 4:00 for girls and boys, with approved exceptions due to facility and/or court restrictions.  Introductions are to take place five (5) minutes prior to the match starting time. (See Format)


  1. It is recommended that an adult supervisor be assigned to each site being used during the meet.


  1. The host meet manager maintains the authority to postpone or cancel any GNC match/meet due to inclement or hazardous weather upon consultation with head coaches.


  1. A match will consist of four (4) singles and three (3) doubles.  A player must play singles or doubles, not both.  If a school can’t field a full compliment of players the positions not filled must be forfeited. A team school can’t forfeit a position higher than being played.


  1. “Add” scoring with 12 point tie breaker will be used in all conference meets. NOTE: GNC preliminary matches will play an eight (8) game pro set with “add” scoring and tie breaker at eight (8) all.


  1. Matches will consist of 2 out of 3 sets with add scoring and a 12 point tie breaker played if a set reaches 6 all.  In case of inclement weather, and with agreement from opposing coaches a 10 game pro set will be played with a 12 point tie breaker played if the score reaches 10-10 or in case of darkness, the third set may be replaced with a 12 point tie breaker.


  1. There will be a maximum 10-minute warm up period before each match.


  1. Awards:            a. A trophy for team championship of regular conference schedule.

b. First and second place individuals will receive medals, first, second and third place finishers will receive certificates at the conclusion of the Conference Tournament.


Tennis Meet Introduction Format:


  1. Pre-meet:  Coaches and team captains introduce themselves to each other.
  2. Varsity of one team line-up facing their opponent

Ex. #1 singles, #1 doubles, #2 singles, #2 doubles, #3 singles, #3 doubles, # 4 singles any JV going out 1st round and coaches.

  1. Coaches give any rule reminders, court assignments, scoring card assignments, who plays in first open courts, where the JV plays, etc.
  2. Home team reads the GNC sportsmanship statement.
  3. Coaches introduce varsity line-ups from #1 singles down, competitors shake hands.
  4. Manager or coach hands out game balls.


GIRLS:            This should take place at approximately 3:50-3:55. Remember 4:00 is the official start time of warm-ups, which is the start of the meet.


BOYS:            This should take place at approximately 3:50-3:55. Remember 4:00 is the official start time of warm-ups, which is the start of the meet.




  1. Arrange site and time for seeding meeting (Wednesday evening before the Conference Tournament).

NOTE: All coaches must provide copies of all individual records for each head coach for seeding.


  1. An 8:30 am GNC finals pre-meet coaches meeting shall be held at a site to be determined by the host school.


  1. Host school AD or a hired, certified, trained tennis official will conduct the GNC seeding meeting and supervise the GNC meet.
    1. Seeding will follow the WIAA sub-sectional/sectional seeding criteria..
    2. Bring draw sheets, cards, etc. to draw players not seeded.
    3. Advise teams to bring roledry.


  1. Schedule courts/court time. Maps should be provided at the seeding meeting when using courts at multiple sites.


  1. The preliminary round loser will be eliminated from any further tournament play.


  1. Make sure each coach knows that each singles/doubles team should have a can of balls.


  1. Arrange for adult court supervisors when at multiple locations, preferably not competing coaches.


  1. Serve as meet manager – oversee schedule of matches –


    1. Provide score cards at each court at all sites.
    2. Insure that first aid/medical kits are available at each site.
    3. Get the players on the courts.
    4. Time the 10 minute warm up.
    5. Time the 20 minute rest between matches.
    6. If questions, get coaches together to vote on rules interpretations.
    7. Arrange for line judges when necessary.
    8. Cancels or delays meet due to weather conditions.


  1. The host meet manager maintains the authority to postpone or cancel any GNC match/meet due to inclement or hazardous weather upon consultation with head coaches.


  1. If the GNC meet can’t be played or completed due to weather, the GNC individual awards should be determined by the completed seeding and Team Champion determined by dual meet points accumulated during the regular season.


  1. Arrange donuts/juice.









1.            Home teams shall wear white jerseys, visiting teams wear dark jerseys.


2.            JV and Freshmen games will start at 5:45 PM.  Eight-minute quarters and ten minute halftime will be used for JV/Frosh.   Locker rooms will be available 45 min. before the start of the JV game.  All players may not shoot at halftime of the JV or Frosh games.  Game floor will be available at 5:25 PM.  Varsity players will be allowed to shoot around prior to the JV game but no later than 5:25 PM. Basketball shoes must be worn. The shoot around must be supervised by the coach on the court, if the court is available.


3.            Varsity games will start 20 minutes after the completion of the JV game, no earlier than 7:30 PM.  Schools will place 20 minutes on the clock.  During this 20-minute period, cheerleaders etc. are to remain off the playing court.  This includes the playing of the school songs.  When the clock reaches 0:00 min., National Anthem and introductions will follow.  If teams leave the floor they must return for the National Anthem. Introductions of teams will be done visiting team first followed by home team.  Both teams will remain on the floor until introduction of coaches.  Then return to their respective benches.


4.            In accordance with WIAA recommendations, the school responsible for breaking a backboard will assume the financial responsibility for replacement.


5.            Warm-up basketballs will be provided by the home school.


6.             The Frosh schedule will be the same as the Varsity/JV schedule.







Great Northern Conference

By Laws



1.       W.I.A.A. rules and regulations will govern competition. (See W.I.A.A. Handbook.)

2.       Dual meet competition:

a.            Non-conference teams shall not be involved.

b.            Varsity & JV competition are to start simultaneously at 6:35 p.m.

c.            Rosters are to be sent to the GNC statistician by December 1 annually.

d.           If a judge is missing, assign the same judge to JV for all events while the other two                                          work varsity.

e.                  The order of competition and warm-ups will be conducted in this order:

Exception: the order of events may be changed to prevent, athletes from being forced into back lo back competitions. 







Visiting JV

Home JV

Visiting V

Home V


Visiting V

Home V

Visiting JV

Home JV


Home V

Visiting JV

Home JV

Visiting V


Home JV

Visiting V

Home V

Visiting JV


March in










Meet begins




g.            Each JV team will compete first on their given event with one judge.

h.            Varsity will follow with a three (3) minute touch and two judges per event.

i.            Varsity competition will follow directly after the three (3) minute touch with both judges                  officiating.

j.            Competition will be conducted as follows:


1. Bars

Visiting JV & Varsity

1. Vault

Home JV & Varsity


JV-3 minute touch prior to competition


Varsity- 3 minute touch prior to competition



2. Bars

Home JV & Varsity

2. Vault

Visiting JV & Varsity


JV-3 minute touch prior to competition


Varsity- 3 minute touch prior to competition



3. Floor

Visiting JV & Varsity

3. Beam

Home JV & Varsity


JV-3 minute touch prior to competition


Varsity- 3 minute touch prior to competition



4. Floor

Home JV & Varsity

4. Beam

Visiting JV & Varsity


3.            The conference championship will be determined by:

a.  Gymnastic teams will receive two points for each win in conference dual competition, one point for dual meet ties, and 10 points for finishing first, 8 points for finishing second, 6 points for finishing third, 4 points for finishing fourth, 2 points for finishing fifth at the conference tournament.


b.          The total of dual meet points and conference meet points will be used to determine final standing.

4.           a.          The conference meet will be held on the Friday prior to the W.I.A.A. Sectional                   meet.
b.        The conference meet will determine the individual conference champions.

c.     Eight judges will be hired with two judges working each event. All events will run simultaneously.

d.                   The Great Northern Conference Meet officials will be selected by the Head coaches at their end of season       (March) meeting. (if available)

e.      The host school must provide a spring floor.

f.       All awards will be provided by the conference commissioner and presented at the conference meet.

g.        The Modified Capital Cup format will be used for the GNC championship.

h.        First, Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth place medals, First Place winners will receive 1st Team All Conference, Second Place winners will receive Second Team All-Conference, Third thru Fifth Place winners will receive Honorable Mention All Conference.


i.            W.I.A.A. Sectional Procedures for draw and rotation will be used. See Tournament Draw and  Rotation Procedures (attached)

j..         The conference meet rotation will be:

2010-11   Medford                        

2011-12  Mosinee

2012-13  Rhinelander

2013-14  Antigo

2014-15  Lakeland

6.       Any changes in schedules or adjustments in the time must be done by the AD's.

7.       Line-ups will be faxed in or sent to each school so that they are received by the host school by noon the day prior to a dual meet and by Tuesday of the week preceding the conference meet.

8.       The home team is responsible to report meet results to local media, and Channel 7, 9 and 12 immediately following the meet. This is mandatory for conference meets but should be done for non-conference meets as well.


1 400




1.            The schedule will consist of a single round-robin and a conference tournament.

2.            Dual/Multiple Meets

a.             Dual Weigh-in will begin no later than 5:30 p.m.

                b.            Dual JV matches will begin at 6:00 p.m., or earlier by mutual agreement.

c.           Dual Varsity matches will start 15 minutes after the JV matches are completed,

but no earlier than 7 p.m.               

d.     Dual match wins earn two points toward Conference standings.  Ties earn one point for each team.

3.            Conference Meet – will be a six man round robin tournament.

a.              Only Conference record in any weight class will count toward seeding.

b.              Wrestlers must have a minimum of 4 Conference matches to be seeded.

c.              If two wrestlers have identical percentages, the one with the most matches will be given preference.

d.              Equal records will be decided by head-to-head competition.

e.              Special consideration.

f.               All weight classes will be bracketed.

g.              Conference standing points will be awarded on a sliding 2-point scale with 12 points going to the first-place team, 10 to the second-place team, and so on until the last-placed team has earned points.

4.            Conference Placing

The total of dual meet points and Conference tournament points will determine final Conference place standings.

5.                  Non-Conference scheduling

A non-conference match, not counted in the standings, may be scheduled with a Conference school if the coach desires.

6.             Awards: At the Conference Meet, the coach of the 1st Place wrestler in each weight class will present the awards to that weight class.







1.              The schedule will consist of a double round robin.

2.              The Conference standing will be determined by Conference records.  Each school will receive two points for a win and one point for a tie.

3.              Varsity games will begin at 7 p.m., or facilities may dictate.  Intermission time between periods will be limited to a maximum of 12 minutes, which will be put on the clock.

4.              Home team will wear light jerseys

5.              Home team is responsible for reporting statistics


JV matches will begin at 4:45 p.m. following a 15-minute warm-up period.  Periods will be 15 minutes in length.  There will be no resurfacing of the ice after the first period.  Intermission will be 5 minutes between periods except for a 12-minute intermission between the second and third periods when the ice is being resurfaced.








Indoor Conference Meet

1.               Will be hosted by Northland Pines High School on the first Tuesday of April.

2.              In the event of conflict at NPHS on the first Tuesday, the meet will be moved to no later than the second Tuesday in April.

3.              An entry fee, separate from Conference dues and payable to Northland Pines High School, will be assessed based upon the cost of the meet.

4.              Entries will be as per the WIAA regional meet.

5.              The Indoor Meet will be scored to eight places.


Outdoor Conference Meet


6.              The Conference outdoor meet will be held on the Tuesday prior to the WIAA regional track meet.  The starting time will be 4 p.m.

7.              The host school schedule will be rotated alphabetically among the schools that have an 8 or 9 lane track.  Starting blocks will be provided by the host school.

8.              The rain date is to be the following Thursday at 4 p.m. with the Conference JV meet being cancelled.

9.              US Track and Field rules and the National Federation rules will be used with both boys and girls, provided the WIAA permits the same.

10.           Schools shall be allowed entries as per the WIAA regional format. 

11.           The host school will receive the entry form by noon on the Saturday preceding the Conference meet.  Scratch replacement sheets must be faxed by noon the day before the meet.  No replacements for scratches after that time.  The replacements will take the place of the scratches.  The meet will not be re-seeded.

12.           Fully automatic timing will be used for the outdoor conference meet.


Junior Varsity Conference Meet


1.     The Junior Varsity Conference meet will be hosted by the previous year’s Varsity Outdoor meet.

2.     The meet will be held on the Thursday after the varsity Conference outdoor meet at 4 p.m.  The meet host will rotate alphabetically among the schools with an 8 or 9 lane track.

3.     An athlete can participate in Varsity and JV meet but they can’t participate in the same individual event in both meets.








1.            The schedule will be set up as a double round robin rotating schedule.  It will consist of single games and doubleheaders. Baseball will not have scheduled doubleheaders. Softball will have a maximum of two doubleheaders.


2.            Starting times will be 4:30 pm. for weekdays and 11:00 am on weekends.  The 2nd game starts twenty minutes following the completion of the first game.


3.            Each team will have use of the diamond for 15 minutes prior to the game.  Batting practice is not allowed at that time.  Home team will use diamond and be off 20 minutes prior to start of game.  Visiting team will follow for 15 minutes.  The pre-game conference will then occur.  Soft toss will be directed by facility rules.


4.            The home team will be considered the official scorebook.


4.            Teams will dress at their school.


5.            The W.I.A.A. tournament ball will be used.


6.            Freshman, JV and varsity games will be played under the 10 run five-inning rule.







1.            The conference promotes all aspects of music education among member schools in accordance with WSMA and the philosophy of each individual member high school.  The conference wishes to stimulate and implement enrichment activities as well as to organize, implement, and manage the conference Honors Music Festival.

2.            Conference music educators shall meet twice each year (fall and spring).           

3.            The required Large Group Clinic Festival will be resolved locally.

4.            The Conference shall devote two Mondays in December, as well as two dates in the spring as concert dates.  No Conference athletic activities will be scheduled on those dates.  These dates will be incorporated in the Conference athletic schedules.

5.            Solo/Ensemble participation will be resolved locally.

6.            All conference schools will participate in the annual GNC Band and Choir Music Festival.








1.            The director of conference Forensics competition shall be selected alphabetically.  If a coach is new to the next school in rotation, the coaches may agree to skip that school in the rotation. The director’s school shall host the competition.


2.            The director shall make all arrangements for the competition such as employing additional qualified judges, as necessary, and overseeing all finances of the event.


3.            Each competing conference school shall provide two qualified judges. Each district shall be responsible for any reimbursement for these judges. Beyond this minimum, each school must provide a ratio one qualified judge for every five students.  These additional judges will be hired by each school.


5.              Conference competition guidelines :

                                a)            Each school shall assign one person to work in the tab room

b)             The host school shall provide a meal for coaches and judges with the cost being equally divided amongst all participating schools.

c)            The draw and the judges meeting will take place at 4:30 PM.  Competitions shall begins at 5:00 PM

d)            The performances will be judged based on WHSFA rules.

e)            Student medal winners shall be based on room ranking.  In the event                                     of a tie, the following procedures shall determine the winner.

                                    1)            If students have competed directly against each other, the winner            shall be the one with the higher ranking in that round.

                                    2)            If #1 does not determine the winner, the student with the higher            speaker point total will win the medal.

                               f)            A last minute drop/add will be permitted if reported by registration.   This will facilitate balancing of  rounds.


6.              Conference competition awards :

a)            The school that has the highest total designated by room ranking shall be awarded the Conference Forensics Championship plaque.  This plaque will be of a style similar to other conference championship plaques.

b)            The first and second place student winners in each category shall receive a gold and a silver medal respectively.  These individuals shall constitute first and second team all conference

c)            If a student is the only one competing in a particular category, speaker points will determine his/her ranking

                        A score of “25” will count as a  1 rank

                        A score of “23-24” will count as a 2 rank

                        A score of “20-22” will count as a 3

                        A score of “18-19” will count as a 4

                        A score of “17” or under will count as a 5


7.            Coaches meetings

The director of the competition shall arrange for an annual Forensics head coaches meeting on the fourth week of September at 6 PM.


8.              Hosting Rotation:


·      Tomahawk                     2009

·      Antigo                             2010

·      Lakeland                        2011

·      Medford                         2012

·      Mosinee                         2013

·      Northland Pines          2014

·      Rhinelander                 2015









1.            The conference shall hold joint student council meetings to share ideas, promote camaraderie, encourage sportsmanship, foster academic growth, and become familiar with all schools within the conference on a ongoing basis.


2.             Student Council will meet twice each year, once in the fall and once in the spring. Advisors and student officers from each school should attend these meetings.



3.            The host school advisor will determine the date when the student council will meet.


4.             Hosting Rotation:


·      2008-09            Antigo

·      2009-10            Lakeland

·      2010-11            Medford

·      2011-12            Mosinee

·      2012-13            Northland Pines

·      2013-14            Rhinelander

·      2014-15            Tomahawk






SCHOLAR – ATHLETE AWARD                     


1.            This award is issued by the local school district during May of each year to Seniors that qualify under the following conditions.


a.      The Senior has maintained a minimum of a 3.5000 cumulative grade point average over the first seven (7) semesters of high school.


b.      The Senior has earned at least three varsity letters.


c.            One letter has to be earned during the Senior year.


d.            Local judgment may be used for spring sports participants.


e.            The Senior has not had any code violations throughout their high school career.


2.            This award will be in the form of a certificate, available by request to the conference president.  The conference president and local high school principal will sign each award.




Appendix A




It is hereby agreed, between the Great Northern Conference and Scott Winch, Commissioner, that the Commissioner shall perform the following specified duties during the 2008-09 school year, commencing on July 1, 2008, and ending on June 30, 2009, for the total salary of $7000.00 and approved expenses.

Duties of the Commissioner:


A.     Schedule conference athletic competitions in the following seasonal sports:


                Fall:                  Boys Cross Country, Girls Cross Country, Football, Boys Soccer, Girls Volleyball, Girls Swimming.

                  Winter:                   Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, Boys Hockey, Wrestling.

                  Spring:                  Baseball, Boys Golf, Girls Soccer, Girls Softball, Boys Track, Girls Track.


B.     Distribute separate schedules for each sport to Athletic Directors at least 18 months in advance of the respective season start.

C.     Provide officials’ assignments to Athletic Directors 12 months prior to the start of that sport season.

April 15 each year is the annual deadline for any schedule additions/changes that requires conference commissioner to hire officials.


                  Fall:                  Football, Boys Soccer, Volleyball, Cross Country Meet, Girls Swimming.

                  Winter:                  Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, Hockey, Wrestling.

                  Spring:                  Girls Soccer, Outdoor Track


D.     Provide officials assignments to the Athletic Directors at the Spring Principals’ meeting.

E.     Notify officials of cancellations or any rescheduling and confirm with involved schools in a timely fashion.

F.      Accessibility during the sports season to coaches, officials, AD’s and principals to deal with unforeseen changes.

G.     Supervise the compilation and distribution of statistics in the following sports: Football, Hockey, Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, Softball, Baseball, Boys Soccer, Girls Soccer.

H.     Solicit nominations for individual all conference awards, tabulate results, and send out press releases to conference sports media per GNC by-laws.

I.       Order GNC individual and team awards per GNC by-laws.

J.       Coordinate delivery of awards to the host site for championship events.

K.     Attend and direct end of season sports coaches meetings.

L.     Supply coaches at the end of season coaches meeting with schedule for the following year.

M.    Serve as the conference secretary/treasurer.

N.     Provide financial statements at each scheduled Principal’s meeting.

O.     Take recommendations on GNC constitutional/by-law changes from coaches to Athletic Directors and Principal meetings.

P.     Operate budget within limitations set by GNC Principals.

Q.     Schedule and conduct all GNC Athletic meetings as per GNC by-laws.  Attend GNC Workshops.  Take minutes and distribute them to GNC Athletic Directors and Principals within two weeks.

R.     Attend annual WIAA Conference Commissioners Meeting and other meetings or activities as directed by the conference.

S.      Attend a conference event at as many of the conference schools during the year as is reasonable.

T.      Fulfill other duties as assigned by the GNC President.

U.     Upon request, investigate disputes among member schools and alleged violations of the GNC Constitution and By-Laws.  The commissioner will act as a neutral fact finder and make recommendations for appropriate penalties to the Principals group.

This Contract is not valid unless returned on or before ______________________________.

Dated this ______________ day of __________________. 20_____.

________________________________                                    ________________________________

Date of Signature                                                                                          Commissioner

_________________________________                                    ________________________________

Date of Signature                                                                                          President, GNC Principals


Note:  In order to facilitate a more active role as commissioner of the GNC, it is recommended that the commissioner reside within the physical region known as the Great Northern Conference.  The GNC Commissioner’s salary is to be paid on December 15 and June 15, with one-half of the salary to be paid on each of these dates.

Appendix B



It is hereby agreed, between the Great Northern Conference and Greg Scott, Statistician, that the Statistician shall perform the following specified duties during the 2008-09 school year, commencing on July 1, 2008, and ending on June 30, 2009, for the total salary of $2000.00 and approved expenses.


Duties of the Statistician:


V.    Compile Statistics and records for the following seasonal sports:


             Fall:            Boys Cross Country, Girls Cross Country, Football, Boys Soccer, Girls Volleyball, Girls Swimming.

            Winter: Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, Boys Hockey, Wrestling.

            Spring:   Baseball, Boys Golf, Girls Soccer, Girls Softball, Boys Track, Girls Track.


W.  Accessibility during the sports season to commissioner, coaches, officials, AD’s and principals to deal with unforeseen changes.

X.    Attend GNC Workshops/meetings as requested. 

Y.    Keep website and statistics regularly updated. Schedules will be provided by Conference Commissioner; statistics will be provided by the head coaches of each sport.

Z.    Fulfill other duties as assigned by the GNC President and/or Commissioner.


This Contract is not valid unless returned on or before April 30, 2008.

Dated this ______________ day of __________________. 20_____.


_________________________________                        ________________________________

Date of Signature                                                            Statistician



_________________________________                        ________________________________

Date of Signature                                                            Scott Winch, Conference Commissioner


  The GNC Statistician’s salary is to be paid on December 15 and June 15, with one-half of the salary to be paid on each of these dates.