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Welcome to Lakeland Union High School's Nutrition Department!
Our School district recognizes that students are more successful in school when provided with well-balanced meals.  We believe in the power of nutrition and the role it plays in a student’s health and academic success. 
In today’s economy, you want school meals that are affordable.  We work daily to keep costs low.  School meals are the best deal in town – our breakfasts are $1.65 and lunches are $2.85.  When your student eats breakfast with us, they are provided with a full meal – milk, grain and or meat and fruit.  Lunches contain a milk, fruit, vegetable, grain and meat/meat alternate.
Great Nutrition
We’ve got great meals that are packed with good nutrition, designed for students’ health and growth needs.  We’d like to think of breakfast and lunch as Vitamin B and Vitamin L!  It’s something students need each and everyday to be successful in school.
So come on, and eat with us each and every day! 
We’ll leave a tray out for you,
Randy Weitz
Randy Weitz
Food Service Director
Lakeland Union High School