Visual Arts Classic
Advisor : Leah Trojan,
Sponsored by Wisconsin Art Educators Association

Students competing at Visual Arts Classic regionals at Northland College, Ashland, WI
Visual Arts Classic (VAC) is a competition for high school Art students. Students compete in eleven studio categories. There is a yearly theme and in-depth research on the 12 selected artists whose work relates to the theme. Scores are earned both individually and as a team. This is an opportunity for students to create artwork in response to a prompt over a period of time. The students are challenged to create artwork in response to a prompt on the spot. This is a friendly, non-threatening competition!

VAC will help the student to develop and expand these skills:
  • Conducting research
  • Working independently
  • Working cooperatively as part of a team
  • Staying on task
  • Find exemplars in art from which to model and learn
  • Work out ideas in written form and sketches until he/she arrives at a solution
  • Develop ability in the medium/technique of the problem through inquiry and practice
  • Critique with knowledge his/her own work, peers, as well as that of other artists
  • Accept constructive criticism
  • Search for new answers
  • Manage time while working towards deadlines
  • Take risks in solving problems
  • Evaluate and be able to talk about his/her artwork
  • Take charge of his/her own learning

Art & Design Division of the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction recognizes Visual Arts Classic as a progressive challenge for Secondary Art students.