Lakeland Dance Team 
We are the Thunderettes

About the Team

The Lakeland Dance team is made up of dedicated and talented dancers who wish to positively represent LUHS by supporting other teams through spirit and dance. We are in the transition of becoming a one season sport with goal to continue to grow as a competitive sport! The team will have opportunities to compete at various competitions throughout the state and potentially at the National Level. Our ultimate goals are to set a good examples in the school and community, to love dance, and to qualify for the Wisconsin State Dance Championship. 

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Congratulations to the 2017-2018 Lakeland Dance Team #LDT
Alternates for either Competition Routine are subject to Change or be Added at any point

2018-2019 Dance Team Members Competition Pom Dancers Competition Kick Dancers
Anna Cardinal Anna  Anna 
Samantha Stevens Samantha Samantha 
Caitlin Alsteen Caitlin  Caitlin 
Victoria Haling Victoria  Victoria
Brenna Reimer Brenna  Brenna 
Abi Rein Abi R Abi R
Lexey Baker Lexey  Lexey 
Abby Crandall Stephanie  Stephanie
Destiny Galowski Olivia  Olivia
Shelly Irish Kirsten  Kirsten
Stephanie Van Acker Abby C Abby C (Alternate)
Olivia Woolf Destiny  Destiny (Alternate)
Kirsten Ziemba  Shelly  Shelly (Alternate)


Contact: Head Coach: Holly Schmitz