STAR Expectations

How do you know that your son or daughter is performing at grade level?  How do teachers know that their instruction is at grade level?  How do schools know that there is sufficient rigor in their expectations for their students to be competitive with their peers (around the state and country)?

As a nation, we have come to rely on data from testing, whether it is the ACT, ACT Aspire, Terra Nova, etc., as a better measure to determine grade level student achievement.  These measures compare achievement to a larger population of students with greater accuracy than grades, teacher recommendation, or school accreditation.

The Lakeland Area Consortium Schools have worked together to use common assessments. Educators have developed end-of-the-year grade level expectations in reading and mathematics to help parents, teachers and administrators plan a program of success for each student.  The reading assessment is the Scholastic Reading Inventory, which reports student performance as a lexile (for more information on lexiles, visit  The mathematics assessment is the Scholastic Mathematics Inventory which reports student performance as a quantile (for more information on quantiles, visit 

The ends of the year ranges are as follows:

Lexiles: (Scholastic Reading Inventory) SRI
Grade SRI End of year Performance Range
2nd Grade 300-600
3rd Grade 500-800
4th Grade 600-900
5th Grade 700-1000
6th Grade 800-1050
7th Grade 900-1100
8th Grade 1000-1150
9th Grade 1025-1200
10th Grade 1025-1250
11th Grade 1050-1300
12th Grade 1050-1300
 QUANTILES: (Scholastic Mathematics Inventory) SMI
Grade SMI End of year Performance Range
2nd Grade 405-600
3rd Grade 625-850
4th Grade 715-950
5th Grade 820-1020
6th Grade 870-1125
7th Grade 950-1175
8th Grade 1030-1255
9th Grade 1140-1325
10th Grade 1220-1375
11th Grade 1350-1425
12th Grade 1390-1505

Finally, these end-of-the-year ranges need to be increased so that we have students graduating from Lakeland Union High School prepared for a career or college with a lexile of 1400 or a quantile of 1240.  Parents should expect that the ranges for 2014-15 will gradually increase each year until we meet the lexile and quantile targets.  These increases will be communicated to parents through school websites or school communications.

LUHS Acceleration Requirements:

English Language Arts:  Based on Lexile score and commonly scored on-demand writing piece.  Data from past: > 1275 Lexile and 18 out of 24 writing score. This assessment is done in spring of 8th grade year.  Students would be place in Lit & Comp 9 Honors.

Mathematics:  Based on Quantile and teacher recommendation in K-8 school. Acceleration generally begins in 6th grade with 6/7 grade material learned in 6th grade, 8/Algebra learned in 7th grade, and 8th grade Geometry.   In 9th grade students would be placed in Advanced Algebra. Caution: students who accelerate have not taken math in their senior year – this could and is believed to limit their success in mathematics at the college level.

Science:  Criteria include strength in math (successful completion of Algebra in 8th grade) and completion of three Physical Science units during the 8th grade year with an average of 83% or greater. They must then enroll in Biology (9th Grade) and Honors Chemistry (10th grade) and continue with science electives during their Junior and Senior year.  It is imperative that students take Honors Chemistry with Advanced Algebra in their junior year.

Social Studies:
Completion of the units from 1948 to current day with an 83% average on the 2 local assessments would allow students to be placed in AP Human Geography in their 9th grade year.

Completion of the Spanish I assessment with an 80% average would allow students to be placed in Spanish II.

Advanced Placement Course Offerings:

English:                  AP Language & Composition (11th)
                                AP Literature & Composition (12th)

Fine Arts:                AP Music & Theory (11th or 12th)

                                 AP Art History (11th  or 12th)

Mathematics:          AP Calculus (11th or12th)

Science:                  AP Biology (11th or12th)

Social Studies:       AP Human Geography (10th)
                                AP Psychology (11th or 12th)
                                AP U.S. History (11th or 12th)
                                AP Government (11th or 12th)

World Language:   AP German Language and Culture (11th or 12th)
                                AP Spanish Language and Culture (11th or 12th)

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