Lakeland Union High School Daily Bulletin
Monday, May 22 – Friday, May 26
ALL GRADUATING STUDENTS have a mandatory meeting in the theater during homeroom on Monday
STAFF Lunch Supervision Schedule - Semester 2:
                                                Monday                  Tuesday                 Wednesday            Thursday               Friday
                                                A Lunch                  A Lunch                 A Lunch                 A Lunch                 A Lunch

FH 11:30-11:50                      Syverson                      Trojan                    Caudill                    Effinger              Michalsen
Café’ 11:30-11:50                  Lewis                            Way                       Erickson                   Raddatz                 Barutha
Café’ 11:30-11:50                  Szews                        Szews                     Handrick                  Trojan                   Keeler

FH 11:50-12:10                      E Mikoleit                      Trojan                     Sheppard                   Umland              Bremer
FH 11:50-12:10                      Siegler                         Scharbarth               Richter                    Hagman               Rortvedt
Café’ 11:50-12:10                  K Mikoleit                      Szews                     Boots                       Gauerke               Jablonski
                                                B Lunch                 B Lunch              B Lunch                  B Lunch                 B Lunch
FH 12:30-12:40                      Kmiecik                    Hammond                Heath                  Jacob Jarvensivu      Moran
Café’ 12:20-12:40                  Livingston               L Trojan                  Wilhelm                   G. Olson                  Watkins
Café’ 12:20-12:40                  K Olson                  Kargus-Myers          Wentland                Gabert                    McCloskey                               
FH 12:40-1:00                        Ready                     Raith                         Trojan                     Robinson                Grosman
FH 12:40-1:00                        Gauerke                  Jack Jarvensivu         Gauerke               Oestreich                Mestelle
Café’ 12:40-1:00                   Hartzheim               Theiler                        Gries-Roehrich       Toijala                    Donner
Bus 7:45-8:05                        Hall Monitor           Hall Monitor              Hall Monitor              Hall Monitor          Hall Monitor
Café’ 7:45-8:05                      Administration        Administration         Administration         R Grosman            Wasserburger
Bus 3:30-3:45                        Hall Monitor           Hall Monitor               Hall Monitor              Hall Monitor         Hall Monitor    
HOMEROOM BELL Schedule (Wednesday)  
  1. After School Tutoring runs from 3:45 pm-6 pm, Monday through Friday. Students who attend will be given passes to ride the activities bus home if needed.
  2. Community weight and cardio room hours: 6-7:30 am Monday through Friday
  3. Community swim from 6:15-7:40 am Monday through Friday
  4. Open Climb is Tuesday nights from 5:30-8:30
  5. The T-Bird’s Nest (School Store) is open before school Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:30-8 am.
5/22 – Tennis subsectionals at Rhinelander. Release time is 8:30
            Girls JV Soccer is at Rhinelander. Release time is 3:00
            Girls Varsity Soccer is at Newman Catholic. Release time is 2:00
            Track is at Colby. Release time is 1:00
5/23 – Girls Varsity Soccer hosts Amherst. Game time is 5pm
            Girls JV Soccer is at Ironwood. Release time is 2:30
            Softball hosts Colby. Game time is 5pm
            Boys Tennis is at Kohler. Release time is 12:45
5/24 – Softball is at RegionalsTBD
            Boys Tennis is at Sectionals
5/25 – Track is at Medford. Release time is 12:45
            Girls Soccer hosts Mosinee. Game time is 5 and 7 pm
            Bosy Varsity Baseball hosts Regionals. TBD
5/26 – Softball is at Regionals - TBD

T-Bird Cafe:
Monday, May 22 – Apple Frudel, Hot Ham and Swiss, Assorted Sub Sandwiches, Veggie or Meat Salad, Cherry Tomatoes, Assorted Fresh Fruit
Tuesday, May 23 – Muffin Sandwich, Chicken ala King, Assorted Sub Sandwiches, Veggie or Meat Salad, Red Peppers/Dip, Assorted Fresh Fruit
Wednesday, May 24 – Oatmeal w/toppings, BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich, Assorted Sub Sandwiches, Veggie or Meat Salad, Cucumbers/Dip, Assorted Fresh Fruit
Thursday, May 25– Pancake Stick, Spaghetti w/cheese fingers, Assorted Sub Sandwiches, Veggie or Meat Salad, Broccoli/Dip, Assorted Fresh Fruit
Friday, May 26 – Breakfast Burrito, Chicken Patty, Assorted Sub Sandwiches, Veggie or Meat Salad, Carrots/Dip, Assorted Fresh Fruit