Is Online Learning for You?

Students who have a high probability of success in an online learning environment generally display the following characteristics:

1.   Student is self-motivated and exhibits characteristics of maturity.

2.   Student possesses reading and writing skills at or above their current grade level.

3.   Student is willing to ask teacher for help.

4.   Student exhibits organizational and time-management skills.

5.   Student is comfortable with the technology required by the course.

6.   Student expectations of online learning courses are realistic.

As a student considering whether to take online courses, we ask you to consider each of these characteristics. If you do not meet several of the characteristics, you still may be successful at online learning, but you may experience some difficulties.  Please consider this carefully so that you will have the best chance for success.

LUHS Virtual School Curriculum Providers

LUHS Virtual School uses a variety of online curriculum providers in order to tailor the educational program to the personalized needs of each and every student.

·   NovelStars:    is a comprehensive web-based solution featuring adaptive technology and a rigorous curriculum designed to help high school learners reach their academic goals.

OdysseyWare:  fully internet-based, each OdysseyWare course is an interactive, media-rich experience that engages 21st century learners.  Course features:  dynamic audio & video files, 3-D animation, slide shows, relevant internet links, challenging games, Tiny Tutors, etc.

Aventa:  a leader in online education.  Their curriculum includes more than 140 courses, all crafted in a rich multimedia format to engage students.  Curriculum offerings range from credit recovery, many elective courses as well as Advanced Placement courses.

K12:  provides over 130 high school courses including:  all 4 core areas, honors courses, Advanced Placement, and a variety of electives – Anthropology, Digital Photography & Graphics, Web Design, Macroeconomics, etc.

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