Latin Club Meets Monthly During Activity Period

Our club meets during activity period. We also do cultural activities almost every month in class. For instance in October, we celebrate Fontinalia. In November, we experience a temple ceremony. In December, we celebrate Saturnalia, the pagan ceremony in honor of the god Saturn that eventually turned into Christmas.

We also do a lot of fund-raising. The purpose of our fund-raising is to raise money for our trip abroad. Our next trip is scheduled for the LUHS Spring Break in March, 2012. The itinerary includes extensive sightseeing in Rome and an overnight in Sorrento to visit Pompeii. We will be traveling with CHA Educational Tours. On past trips with CHA we have traveled to Italy and Greece and saw classical sites in Rome, Pompeii, Ostia, and Capri in Italy. In Greece, we visited Athens, Sounion, Mycenae, Corinth, and Epidavros.

Please go to Mrs. Hanson's Homepage to get more information about this year's trip.

Contact: Latin Teacher, Sarah Hanson